A Message from Pastor Derek – April 03, 2020

Dear HTC Family, How are you all doing? I am up and down to be honest, I’m up when I practice the core values of Worship, Prayer and the Word; and feel very down when I read too many sad news stories of people losing their lives from Covid-19. There is such poignant truth to […]


Dear HTC Family, Last week I wrote about suddenly finding ourselves traveling through the unknown and unpleasant land of, as my friend J.John put it, ‘Covidia’. Now on the path before us lies possible self-isolation or quarantine; of choosing or being asked to stay at home for weeks. There are, of course, exceptions to this. […]

“Our church is not closed, just our building“ A. Stanley I am so grateful to Pastor Andy Stanley for that simple little phrase, because it reminds us that our HTC family is made up of people, not bricks, mortar and a steeple; and we are very much ‘open for business’. I have been receiving many […]