Join Us in Welcoming Rev. Derek Rust

A message from Glenn Youngkin, HTC Vestry’s senior church warden

Dear Friends,

Among the Vestry’s responsibilities, we believe that our most important role is the oversight of the well-being of HTC’s staff and in particular, our leaders.  Further, whether people are called to rest every seven days or as the Lord told Moses to let the land rest every seven years, we acknowledge that scripture resonates with the spirit of sabbatical (or “sabbath”).  It therefore seems only fitting that we fully honor God’s teachings and ensure that those leading us in God’s ways are given the time and space to experience rest, renewal and grace.  As such, the HTC Vestry has encouraged our Co-Pastor, Jamie Haith, to take a sabbatical during the beginning of 2019, from early January through mid-April.  Just like we invest in our building or in a new ministry, we are investing in our leadership, and Jamie has plans to deepen his relationship with the Father and honor the meaning of the Sabbath.  During this time, Co-Pastor, Andy Haith, will continue her leadership role at HTC (although we will ask her to spend some dedicated time with Jamie during his sabbatical).

In addition, we will welcome Rev. Derek Rust to the church family as Interim Senior Teaching Pastor.  Not only do Derek and the Haiths share a history at London’s Holy Trinity Brompton (HTB) but Derek, his wife, Cathy, and their four wonderful children were at the very heart of HTC’s inception some eight years ago.  It’s amazing to have him “home” and we are grateful for his willingness, and the flexibility of his home church in Colorado, to help at this time.  Lastly, as we anticipate Christmas and its many promises, and look to a new year, we are so deeply grateful to God that HTC has matured to a point where we can do this.  I want to personally thank the HTC team as they will all take on a little more. What an exciting time for our church family!  On behalf of the Vestry, we thank you for your unwavering support and wish you and yours a blessed Christmas.