“Our church is not closed, just our building“ A. Stanley I am so grateful to Pastor Andy Stanley for that simple little phrase, because it reminds us that our HTC family is made up of people, not bricks, mortar and a steeple; and we are very much ‘open for business’. I have been receiving many […]

A Message from Pastor Derek – April 03, 2020

Dear HTC Family, How are you all doing? I am up and down to be honest, I’m up when I practice the core values of Worship, Prayer and the Word; and feel very down when I read too many sad news stories of people losing their lives from Covid-19. There is such poignant truth to […]


Dear HTC Family, Last week I wrote about suddenly finding ourselves traveling through the unknown and unpleasant land of, as my friend J.John put it, ‘Covidia’. Now on the path before us lies possible self-isolation or quarantine; of choosing or being asked to stay at home for weeks. There are, of course, exceptions to this. […]

Vestry Update 2020

Dear HTC Family: As promised The Vestry is committed to providing a clear and frequent communication rhythm during our period of transition. To that end, we have two status updates regarding the search process for our HTC Next Chapter Leadership and new appointments to the Vestry. The effort to identify HTC’s Next Chapter Leadership has […]

HTC Next Conversation: Elf

HTC Next Conversation: Elf The Code of the Elves Discussion Questions 1. Treat every day like Christmas.• Read Galatians 5:22-23.  This fruit could be described as the Christmas Spirit.• Find one way to share this Christmas Spirit with someone between now and Christmas Day.• What child-like quality do you wish was part of your life?  […]

Worship Devotional: Open Hands- Open Heart

Worship Devotional: Open Hands- Open Heart By Will Herron A while back, the staff at HTC did Strength Finders. It’s basically a timed questionnaire that gives you insight into particular strengths you exhibit. I always find these types of things particularly insightful, especially when done in a working group context like our staff. Having an […]

Worship Devotional: Bonds

Worship Devotional: Bonds By Will Herron One of my first memories of school is meeting another kid in my year called Gavin.  Gavin had red hair…I did not.  Gavin liked soccer…I did not.  Gavin liked WWF (old school) wrestling…I did not.  Yet somehow we formed a tight friendship at the age of 6 that, now […]

Pillars 2019

HTC Pillars To grow closer to God and encourage others to do the same. I. WORSHIPOur vision is to cultivate an expressive culture of true worship with a deep reverence for the presence of the Holy Spirit.II. FAMILYOur vision is that everyone of all ages and backgrounds feels at home at HTC and finds a […]