OBRO: Profiles In Courage

We are continuing with our O’Bro “Profiles In Courage” series where men can gather, connect and be inspired to tackle life’s situations with courage. Our next event is coming up Friday, April 5 at 7 PM. Keep reading to learn more about our featured speaker, Gavin Gramstad.

Gavin is 34. Single. No kids. No pets. Likes to Netflix and chill with his roommates.Growing up in Chantilly, VA, Gavin later graduated from Old Dominion University where he captained the Rowing Team and studied Engineering.  He interned on Capitol Hill before taking a job in Sudan, managing water projects and drilling wells.  In 2011 a war broke out in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan where he was living.  He was sent 20km across the border into South Sudan to set up a refugee camp for people fleeing the war.  He led the camp for a year, watching it grow to 80,000 inhabitants.  The camp was bombed by the government of Sudan.Gavin moved to the Philippines in 2013 with Samaritan’s Purse where he led their disaster response to Super Typhoon Hayan.  As Team Lead for Water and Sanitation projects, his team repaired the municipal water treatment plant, provided 130 schools with access to drinking water and toilets, designed/built the regions first waste treatment plant and provided 20,000 households with a new home and a working toilet/septic system.  In order to do this he set up a toilet factory where he trained workers to manufacture concrete toilet bowls.Currently Gavin works for the UN World Food Program, the world’s largest humanitarian organization.

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