Worship Devotional: “A Motivation to Serve” by Will Herron

By Will Herron

One of the things I love about our worship team has been the pace of its growth. It feels like, at a relatively easy yet intentional rate, our team has grown one person at a time (sometimes wonderfully two at a time – Sovocools/McGowans!!  My “worship team pitch” has always fallen along similar lines – when people have come and asked about being part of the team (or any ministry at HTC), I have always encouraged that people spend a few months here and come to feel like this is home before jumping into any particular ministry.  Why? Several reasons, but perhaps the most important to consider is this: before we look to get involved, its important to evaluate what is motivating that step. 

There can be lots of good reasons to want to get involved in a local church. For those who have moved to the DMV area, the chance of community is a big factor. Being part of a (friendly!) team with a common thread of music is appealing. For others, it can be a desire to simply use abilities that have perhaps have lain dormant/haven’t had an outlet in a while. 

Now, I hope that people do find both an authentic community here and an engaging outlet for their musical gifting. However, if these end up being our primary motivation for getting involved, I think we are falling short of God’s heart for both us and the church.  

In his first letter to the Corinthians (13:1-3), Paul highlights that if love is not our main motivating factor to serve, then even the most admirable acts of ministry become meaningless. I don’t think its a stretch to add other similar acts of service to his list eg: playing, singing, leading in worship. We have to be so careful that in all that we are doing as a team, that it never becomes simply an act of self service. We must always keep the church in the forefront of our hearts and our thinking, praying and asking the Lord for a greater love for His church. Jesus sets us an example to follow – He came to serve not to be served. 

Let that sink in. 

The God of all creation came to earth and lived a life of service. 

He calls us now to love and serve the church in the same way.  

Its important to remember that each gift we bring to this team is just that – a gift from God. We’ve each been intentionally entrusted with various abilities to serve those around us. 

In 1 Peter 4:10 we read: 

Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, 

as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms

I’m so grateful for how you have all stepped up with those gifts and offered them to serve the Lord and the people of this church body. Lets ask the Spirit to help us grow in love for the church and out of that, serve selflessly with Jesus as our example.