Worship Devotional: “Come Follow Me” by Will Herron

By Will Herron

The new year period has traditionally been a time of looking back/looking ahead for me. 

Actually…maybe not so much in my childhood. 

New Years Day felt like an extension of Christmas in my house. Mum would work her culinary wonders in the kitchen and provide a meal that was en par with our Christmas Day dinner. With crackers (ask a British/Irish friend) at every seat, several bottles of my favorite sparkling juice lining the table, a roast dinner and tasty desserts, it was more a time of indulgence rather than reflection. As I’ve gotten older however, this time of year has somewhat naturally become a space in which to look back on God’s presence and movement in the previous year, and look to Him again for the coming year. 

Standing at the doorway of 2019, I’ve had a fresh motivation for discipleship. To be discipled and to disciple. To be honest, I’d lost sight of both in the latter part of last year but its clear Jesus intended both of these to be natural rhythms in our lives. To walk with Him and learn from Him but also to be mindful of those we are walking with/doing life with/leading. 

In Luke 5 we read of Jesus calling His first disciples. Being fishermen, Jesus engages initial conversation by encouraging them in their work. In verse 4 He says; 

Put out into deep water, and let down the nets for a catch. 

Simon Peter answers respectfully; 

Master, we’ve worked hard all night and haven’t caught anything. But, because you say so, I will let down the nets. 

They go on to catch more fish than they know what to do with. 

Jesus invites them to come follow Him, they drop everything and go. 

What sticks out for me here is that Jesus has just taught His first disciples a fundamental principle in what it means to follow Him/others to follow us. If we are to truly be disciples of Jesus and disciple others, trust is key. 

As we begin this year as a team, my prayer is that the Holy Spirit will fill us with fresh faith to drop our nets as it were, and renew our commitment to following after Him. To say afresh –everything is Yours Lord. May the Spirit also work in each of us in such a way that we become safe harbors for those around us. A place to share, to learn, to fail and to grow.