Worship Devotional: “Did You Write That?” by Will Herron

By Will Herron

Humorously, in the past I’ve had conversations about Rend Collective where the dialogue will go something like this.

Other person: “I just love Rend Collective”

Me: “thats awesome”

Other person: “You were in Rend Collective right?”

Me: “Yep, for a wee bit”

Other person: “Do you know my favorite song of theirs?…My Lighthouse!….its just their best song! Did you write that? I just love that song”

Me: “No…actually, that was written and put out after I left”

Other person: “….oh…”

Other person: “Did I mention I love Rend Collective?!?”

Thanks to Rend Collective, thousands of people now see God as their lighthouse. Being honest, I know Gareth and Chris (the writers) were a little unsure if the imagery would really communicate well to people but turns out it did.

As many of you know, the first 20yrs of my life were spent living beside the Irish Sea – a proximity to wide open ocean that I must admit, I miss a lot (hence Sacred Seas!!). My particular town, Donaghadee (say that five times fast) had a harbor and lighthouse in it. The original harbor itself was built in two stages, once in 1626 and the other in 1640 but the lighthouse itself didn’t appear until the early 1900’s. Growing up, I can remember much sea traffic heading back and forth between the port of Belfast and the Irish Sea. The lighthouse served a number of functions but most notably, as a navigational aid and a warning of a dangerous and hazardous coastline ahead.

Despite their initial hesitancy, the imagery used by Gareth and Chris actually works on a number of levels. Similar to the relationship between ships at sea and a lighthouse, God is our guide and our defender, our place of reorientation and our constant. Scripture speaks clearly of God’s ability to direct and protect us and to remain unchanged by the seasons (eg: Prov 3:5-6, 2 Thess 3:3, Heb 13:8).

There are few things more comforting to me than knowing that there is one who is more wise, more discerning and more loving than I am. In the face of every responsibility, there is a loving leader, gently showing us the right way to go. In the light of a world where the lines of morality can be misty and unclear, we have one who defines the safe and healthy boundaries in our lives. In the midst of chaotic circumstances, we have a constant we can look to as one who is unmoved amidst the changing seasons of life, one who can draw us back to the true north of who He is (loving, sovereign, victorious) and who we are in Him (loved, forgiven, accepted, cherished).

So anytime you see anything to do with Ireland, remember the lighthouses that pepper its coastline. Better still, remember that God serves as a lighthouse to us – our constant, our navigator, our defender.