Worship Devotional: Open Hands- Open Heart

By Will Herron

A while back, the staff at HTC did Strength Finders. It’s basically a timed questionnaire that gives you insight into particular strengths you exhibit. I always find these types of things particularly insightful, especially when done in a working group context like our staff. Having an understanding and awareness of each others strengths and weaknesses is helpful in maintaining a gracious and efficient work environment! 

My results were particularly telling in that, for the most part, I seem to be most comfortable in the strategic and structured approach to life. I welcome predictable patterns and evaluative procedures. I tend to shy away from spontaneity and lean toward the pre established plan. In some ways this serves me well in my role. However, if I’m not careful, I find that this particular tendency can actually end up limiting me and, at its worst, quenching the Spirit. Often the Holy Spirit is the one who calls us out from the beaten paths and out into the wild, stepping back from our proven plans and into the purposes of God Himself. 

I’d be the first to say that having a plan and being organized is a good thing but I’m also realizing that I need to be open handed with what I’ve prepared. Over the last couple of months I’ve tried to be more intentional about providing space to hear from the Holy Spirit during our Sunday morning worship. Giving room to be sensitive to what the Spirit is doing right then and there in the room

I think its crucial that we dedicate the same time and space in our everyday lives. Its too important too demote in the light of other commitments. Time spent with our hearts and hands open before God must be one of our greatest commitments in our lives. And yes, I hear you, the struggle is real! Doing full time work/full time family/school/social life can for sure limit both your time and motivation to do anything else. However, if we are to show up in these very places with the heart of Christ, being intentional about carving out time and space with Him is crucial. 

Holy Spirit, help us to create rhythms of retreat amidst 

the often crazy nature of life. Amen. 

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