Worship Devotional: “Sweatpants & Sweatshirts” by Will Herron

By Will Herron

I’m one of those people who really enjoys being at home.

There is a sense of rest that is unique to that space. The contrast between my “being out” and “home time” attire suggests as much. The smart casual which dominates my social wardrobe is substituted for the straight up comfort of sweat pants and sweatshirt with the occasional pair of slippers thrown in. Bedheads and morning breath are also a thing at home, and while these things certainly require attention before broader social contact, there is initial grace at home in the face of these flaws (especially all day on Saturdays!).

Another thing I love about home is the freedom to just be. If you are anything like me, some days feel bright and easy whilst others are defined by a sense of grey/underlying frustration. At home, I feel I’m able to communicate that in a context of security and sensitivity. Home is a place where we can all share legitimate ups and downs without fear of rejection or being misunderstood.

Thinking on this has me considering the similarities I find between my relationship with God and home.

Similar to home, our relationship with God is a place of rest.

There’s something about being fully known yet fully loved by God that never ceases to amaze me. I first encountered that idea in a song written by Laura Story (famously covered by Chris Tomlin) which says:

You see the depths of my heart but love me the same.

Its a refreshing thing to know that we don’t have to clean up before we meet with God – if there is anyone who can handle the unruly nature of our hearts (hair/bad breath and all) it is our loving Father. His love for you was established long before you starting doing anything right or wrong anyway. With God we can find a place of rest of being accepted as we are but also rest in the knowledge that He is able to perfectly minister to us where we are at. He reaffirms the good fruit He is working in and through us while lovingly pruning unhealthy habits and patterns in our lives.

Also similar to home, our relationship with God is a place of being.

Its important that we don’t take it for granted that, particularly on days where we feel far from alive, we can freely express those things to God. Or, as the case may be, we may feel that we don’t have words or understanding to communicate how we are feeling or what is going on inside us. Either way, we can come into God’s presence and simply be, to be understood and not feel that we have to put on a face.

Let me close this with a prayer:

Lord, thank You for the rest and sense of being I can know in You. Thank You that I’m fully known by You and yet fully loved. May may heart always be open to You, both in expression but also of receiving Your loving ministry. Amen.