Our vision for HTC Music is to

Build our local church and local churches across the world through passionate and genuine worship.

Latest Release

"Closer to You"

We aim to tell stories of our community through sound and song.

HTC Music is releasing singles of original music and can be accessed on Spotify. Our latest song, “Closer to You” was just released!


Past Releases


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We believe that we were created to worship. We love to come into God’s presence and praise Him for everything that He is, and we want to share that joy with others. We believe that music is a God-given gift that helps us to worship. We are passionate about the transformative experience of God’s intimate presence that Spirit inspired music can help us to appreciate. We aim to enable those experiences for everyone who joins us in worship. We also believe that intentionally taking time and making space to worship God is critical and that music is a powerful way to appreciate and focus on the truths of God’s grace and nearness. We believe that a common love for God can connect and unite a diverse group of people, churches and denominations, and we see worship as a way to forge those connections.
HTC's worship style aims to bring people to a place of praise as a community. We typically worship with contemporary songs featuring a style of music that is simple + clean.
HTC's worship team is always welcoming to anyone who is interested in joining our team! If you would like more information about volunteering, visit our volunteer page.



Worship Devotionals

If you would like to learn more about HTC’s heart for worship, you can learn more by reading our worship devotionals.

Once a month, we publish a devotional written by people in our worship comminuty. This is a great way to learn more our team, our heart for worship and learn more about the bible.